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Jul 6, 2006
quote from FT article
[Ownit Mortgage Solutions,a small Californian mortgage lender , in which Merrill Lynch has a 15 per cent stake, closed its doors yesterday.

Moody’s put a handful of 2006 subprime deals on watch for downgrade – the first negative ratings activity for bonds originated in these years.

HSBC, the third-biggest bank, has announced bad debts are rising in its US mortgage business. ]
It ain't gonna be pretty...
Bad debts rising in the mortgage industry?? The horror, maybe folks should have read the fine print before they signed that 3-year ARM on a house they could barely afford........... ;) :D :confused:
... will be an exciting opportunity.
semtex said:
Yes, need see blood floating the street.

Perhaps you could provide this with your signature product?

Maybe more efficient, powful , CDS something. The street is poping out many new products.
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