The bunny-pocalypse is inevitable.

:eek:OMG - killer mutant rabbits? What do you bet they LOVE bacon?
OK HFWR, you got me interested in this movie. Here's the trailer. Looks like a classic. I've always loved real grade B horror movies - you know, the kind MST3K covered so well.



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Thanks for the new avatar. Stimpy trying to resist pressing the shiny red button lasted a mere 3 hours.
If you think that picture is scary, you should see what happens when you try to pet a bunny on its belly. They already have all the teeth they need...

"Bunnies the size of houses"-- our four-pound foot-long bunny produces four ounces a day of high-quality fertilizer. Does that scale up with a square factor, a cube factor, or some other pellet factor?
Well lets see, I produce a bit more than 4 ounces of fertilizer a day, so it seems that it scales at least in a linear manner.
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