The Decumulator-6 yrs down, 35 to go


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Apr 13, 2024
SF Bay Area
Hey all - I retired in 2018, aged 58. My younger wife was due to follow in 2020, but lockdown made it an easy decision to postpone - why quit a good job and sit at home?

It’s been two years now since she quit and now we’re both enjoying being time millionaires. We travel, she gardens, I spreadsheet. We both volunteer in our community, and we continue to evolve our plan and approach to this fantastic time in our lives.

Looking forward to participating in the discussions on this forum, particularly when they involve fine tuning various approaches to decumulating one’s portfolio in a time and risk optimal fashion.

Thanks, @Nords, for making me aware of this community.
Welcome to the forum NoMoW2! It looks like you and your DW have developed a very satisfying retirement lifestyle. I look forward to hearing from you more in the future.
Welcome to the forum, look forward to hearing more from you.
Love your saying "Time Millionaire"!
Welcome aboard, glad you joined.
Great attitude and spirit. Thanks for the Time Millionaire!

Everyone here knows Time>Money.
I've already spent about 7.36 million minutes and hoping for quite a few more.
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