The Price Increases Have Begun

Unfortunately, all we have is a bunch of personal stories from probably the cheapest b*st*rds on earth that will spend money for internet access and a computer.

My original and continuing point is that what gets hyped in the media as "crushing the average American" doesn't make much sense to me.
So you know, we're in heated agreement. I was referring to the posts that showed gas costs weren't up that much and more importantly, that overall they were a relatively small part of overall expenses/budget. I really get tired of the threads that go back and forth for pages without any data whatsoever (and unfortunately there's no way of knowing in advance without reading through them, or I'd skip them), so it was refreshing to see some...

I am driving less because of the long term economic ramifications, not because fuel costs are a substantial part of my expenses. And I agree wholeheartedly that the mainstream media is more interested in spectacle than objective news...
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I can attribute some of groceries being higher due to eating healthier. The rest is pure cost increase. You are right fuel is such a small item of our budget it really doesn't matter. I would take a guess and say the increased food costs are associated somewhat with increased fuel prices.
The 8/2007 jump in gas use was the surfing safari to Southern Cal. The Jan/Feb jump was DD home from college.
Yes, Quicken 2006.
Obviously the Windows version. The Mac version is a crippled piece of junk which has been an afterthought with little (historical) competition. Thanks for nothing, Intuit. Moneydance is looking promising for the Mac, but it still has some maturing to do.

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