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Because I am Canadian and spend half a year in Mexico, I look for a quick synopsis of US happenings (30% of portfolio on average). Also I am not an index investor except for offshore. Still have not found the perfect balance.

I have been cured of the talking head syndrone though...
Hi Folks.

I found this ER Forum by looking for info on The Oxford Club. But I got sent to a thread that was 2 years old. I enjoyed the wit of the writers on that thread so I looked for posts by some of those folks.

That brought me to this thread.

I am pretty much a novice investor and have hired a financial advisor to do it for me.
I pay a pretty penny for his help but sometimes wonder if I'm getting my money's worth.

Do you guys have any words of wisdom about how I can fairly evaluate his work (results).

Also, I'd love to have more knowledge and maybe do some smaller investing on my own. Any help for a novice in terms of getting prepared to do this would be appreciated. Jo

Do some searching through this site for recommended books. Read them all. Follow with intelligent questions to this Forum. Then assess your FA. If you read and understand the books you will probably not need him.

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