USAA phishing scam


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Apr 8, 2004
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Some of you may be associated with USAA. This could affect you. Heads up.:bat:

USAA is investigating a new phishing scam pictured below that attempts to collect members' sensitive information.
Members have received a recent e-mail claiming to be from USAA that urges them to complete a "USAA Online Client Form." The e-mail directs members to a counterfeit website that aims to trick them into providing account information.
We use USAA for insurance and a checking account for DW. Really appreciate you posting this. That kind of stuff really irks the $%& outta me.
I used to get phishing scams all the time for various credit cards, banks, and paypal.

It was sort of obvious that it was phishing since I didn't have accounts at most of the institutions.

Since then, I assume that if I didn't contact them specifically about my account, it's either phishing or email that can be discarded without consequence.
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