Vanguard brokerage fees email

LOL... I actually got a snail mail version of the fee increase on my mom's estate account today.... an account which should have been closed years ago but they screwed up and distributed MORE money than it had...

Took me 3 years to get them to write it off... but I guess the account is still there...
I'm one who has decided to leave Vanguard. First they sold their Solo 401k business. Now fees on ADRs, which I own. When I received the email, I jumped off the fence and shopped around.

Did you find a broker that doesn't pass thought the ADR fees?
All our personal investments (brokerage, his/her Roth, ESAs, 529s) are at Vanguard. All my ex-w*rk stuff at Fidelity (401k, HSA). The announcement has just accelerated the move to consolidate at Fidelity.

I have been very happy with Vanguard over the last 20+ years, but I'm excited to give the Fidelity CMA a try. The CMA leaves the Vanguard Cash Plus in the dust. Vanguard's MMF are better, but I try to avoid cash.
The job Vanguard has chosen to do is low cost and web based. There are a lot of alternatives for people who have other needs. Schwab and Fidelity have physical locations but I think some people are better off at Raymond James or even Edward Jones. Not only do they have physical locations but they are everywhere and your advisor will know you. It's the way to go to get hand holding.

Well, you can purchase services at either Schwab or Fidelity equivalent to Raymond James or Edward Jones if you need/want them.

As a long, long term Schwab customer, I'll say that they DO NOT offer complete and convenient transaction services at their branches. For example, if you have cash you want to deposit on a regular basis, you'd be going in and dealing with the receptionist behind the counter, not a teller at a teller window. And for making trades, you'd need an appointment with your representative since there might not be anyone available when you happen to arrive. They're not really set-up for random, walk-in trading transactions.

But at the same time, I've found that complicated situations, such as setting up POA/trading authority on my grandkids' accounts was handled very well. Told my rep what I wanted to do on the phone and when I stopped by, he had everything laid out ready for signatures and then answered our questions. And I feel DW will get adequate assistance in the transistion from me to a paid FA with the assistance of our Schwab rep. And she'll be much more comfortable with in-person service than on-line or telephone during that time.
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