What would you do?

I've found book writing and self publishing to be very satisfying (much more than my full-time job that pays the bills).

If you do it right, you can self publish without investing a fortune.

And the winner is....

I took a look at what my resume and finances would look like at year-end 2006, and decided that accepting the transfer would be the best move. Thanks to everyone for letting me air my dirty laundry on-line  :D

This recent mini-layoff and soul-searching has been a real eye-opener. Lots of lessons learned and new perspectives. I didn't even know that I'm basically FI until this latest experience.

Tomorrow was going to be my first day since 1987 that I would walk this planet beholden to no man, woman, or institution of any kind. Since I accepted the transfer today, I'm still under the yoke for the forseeable future  :)

P.S. I'm not moving to OK - I was using an analogy to mask my real destination. Like Dick Cheney, I'm moving to an "undisclosed location"  :D
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