28 year old in the land of Buffett


Confused about dryer sheets
Dec 27, 2013
Hey there,

I am a 28 year old guy with a 33 year old wife and two little boys (3 and infant)

Between the two of us we have about 125k in roth and traditional IRA's, and some smaller 401k's.

We have two cars, one paid for and one with about 11k to go. 3k credit card debt (0% BT), 200k mortgage (worth 240k) and about 25k in student loans. 6500 in liquid cash.

We make around 100k a year. Looking forward to growing our balances in the new year since we are looking to tighten the belt to build our nest egg.

So glad I stumbled upon this site!
With SCHD or VIG you get 100 or 150 quality dividend yielding stocks at a cost of 7 or 10 basis points.

Paying two commissions plus one bid/ask spread per round trip as an individual investor will cost FAR MORE than 0.07% - 0.10% per year in portfolio costs.
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