After Vancouver Island-Ideas

Thanks so much for all the ideas. Here is what we did:

We had a long travel day from Tofino to Nanaimo BC. That drive reminded us a bit of the Road to Hana. Caught Ferry to Vancouver. Headed straight to US, spent night in Northern Wa. Then headed down through Yakima to Biggs Junction, Oregon. Certainly a different part of the state. Enjoyed the scenic drive and a stop in Yakima.

Drove through Columbia River Gorge, saw some really nice waterfalls (Horsetail, Wahkeena, Multnomah, Latourell a few others Very few people there which was great. Some trails closed due to covid.

Then spent two nights at Seaside, Oregon and explored the area, Cannon Beach and Tillamook (toured the plant and got some delish ice cream.)

Then headed up to Washington. Met my sister and her husband at McMenamins Kalama Harbor (interesting place) for dinner. Next day drove to SeaTac to afternoon flight out.

There in Cannon Beach we had a really nice meal at The Wayfarer right on top of Haystack Rock. I had a Dungeness crab sandwich, clam chowder and a fabulous local beer, Coconut Brown Ale from Public Coast Brewing.

Looking forward to next trip to Pacific NW!


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