Best Punk Music

Not really into punk, but I'd say the Ramones are my favorite punk group.
This thread would not be complete without some Sex Pistols. Apologies in advance to 73ss454 and Alan, my favorite Brit round these parts ;-)

No future.....

Sex Pistols - God Save the Queen (Studio) - YouTube

BTW, this song is no good unless the volume is turned up to 11.
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Here's one music thread that I cannot contribute to. Sorry to say, but I guess I am such a geezer before my time that listening to this type of music gets me too agitated. And I really do not want my heart to race, my BP to increase because of music (though if by something else, it may be OK though). Could it be why this is called punk music?

Tell you the truth, I may be so different than most people. I listen to music enjoyed by people in their 70s when I was only 20. So, if, as people age their music keeps getting more sedentary, then by now I should be listening to music enjoyed by people in their 100s.

Now, do centenarians even listen to music? Probably not. So, I guess it will not be long until I become musicless.
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Interesting thing about the Punk movement was the difference between how it was expressed in NYC vs London. London - more angst against social intuitions. NYC - more rebellion expressed in poetry - kinda like how Woodie Guthrie did it decades before. The thin punk line I guess. Love ‘em both though. Particularly this lady.
Patti Smith - Horses (full studio version) - YouTube
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Another vote for the Sex Pistols. I love the, "Never Mind the Bollocks" album.
Duh, Ms.G and I were at the Club Med in St George Bermuda. in the 80's we met a nice young couple from England, John Lydon was his name. We had no clue who he was even though we had dinner and drinks we them a couple of times. The younger CM'ers seem to know who he was, but we never inquired, because we were having fun with them. It wasn't until we got back to the states and I asked a 20 something friend. That is as close as I ever came to punk. I should have know John had orange hair.
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Love this thread...
As far as NYC vs London... there was also the LA and SF influences. X from LA, Circle Jerks, Dead Kennedys, Black Flag, Zeros...

And some of the groups that came out of that movement into the more punk tinged rockabilly/roots rock: Blasters, Los Lobos, Rank and File, etc.

Can you tell I grew up in Southern CA was a teen in the late 70's? and hit the club scene in the very early 80's.... Saw my fair share of mosh pits.
Finally a musical topic I can relate to. I'm really torn on a video to post but since no one mentioned the Dead Boys check this out.
Dead Boys - Sonic Reducer - Live CBGB (1977) - YouTube
I feel better already now that I'm out of the punk closet. I may even put my cd's out where people can see them now.

Was not familiar with them before but thanks for the intro. They really kick some a$$. So, how cool was CBGB's back in the day? So much happened in that club.

In my neck of the woods (DC), the 9:30 Club was the big thing in the punk and alternative music scene. I'm way too old for that place now. Dream about it sometimes though.
+1 on the X favorite. Saw them in NYC a couple summers ago and they still bring the RAWK!
My favorite live X story.... a small club, the Bacchannal, in San Diego in the early 80's... The band had gone down to Tijuana to party that day and Exene had kept the party going. But she could still perform a great show despite being totally smashed. The concert ended when she passed out and almost landed in the crowd right in front of her, Dave Alvin and John Doe had fast reactions and grabbed the back of her jeans before she face planted.

Saw them open for Warren Zevon a few years later . Exene was pregnant, sober, and super grumpy... I've seen them live at least 20 times and that was the lowest energy worst show.. having seen her far more times drunk... she's a better performer when she's drunk.

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