British Sub-prime humor


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Oct 8, 2003
For those folks that like British humor. From You Tube: one, and two.

F-ing Hilarious. :2funny:

- Alec
Very, funny -- and also the best description of the whole mess I've seen so far from anyone.
Very good..... and funny as h**l. Closer to the truth than any stuff on the Financial Shows lately.
"What can i do about it? The bloody thing needs a service!" Brilliant.
These two videos absolutely made my day. I think everyone should watch these-as they are very funny but true. It helps to laugh as the establishment rips us off.
I forwarded this video to my friends. It really summarized the situation brilliantly.
subprime global concerns especially for potential retirees

i enjoyed the videos, and yes they did explain the issue of subprime well.
what can we as retirees or potential ones do to protect ourselves from the fall out? my husband and i recently consulted our planner re retirement planning. the plan was implemented. in australia the most tax effective thing is to hold assets in super. however since august the value of the managed funds, despite being diversified are not acheiving the expected growth. we are being told this is partly related to the subprime issue. it would be nice to be quarented from this problem and its damage. once we retire clawring back lost funds is potentially more difficult. does anyone have any answers? weny:D
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