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Jun 21, 2004
No. California
I noticed Greg mentioned watching CNBC (or actualy leaving it on all day to listen to).

I listen to CNN when I leave the news on to listen to.

A friend of mine told me that CNN was too liberal for him and he watches MSNBC, which he said is more conservative.

Does anyone have similar feelings about conservative vs liberal news broadcasting.

Just curious. I've never really watched the find it hard to compare.
Watch them in the waiting room only - whatever is on.

Three annual eye checks last week - next month - dentist check ups.

Otherwise - news once in a while off the internet - Google lately.
Wouldn't watch any news program except FOX. But - there very frequent interruptions with an "Alert" that is a repeat of the last twelve "Alerts" can really test your conservative bias. :mad:
I can always Google - Aljazeera - when I want to get the straight skinny.

For instance - it's really true - Lance Armstrong won his 7th Tour de France. ??Sheryl Crow is his latest squeeze??

Heh, heh, heh - hee, hee.

P.S - I used to read the Straits Times(Singapore) business page - on the net - back in Asian crisis days.
CNN is OK, mostly I use their web site. Local news is best gleaned from local stations and sources. I like The Economist either paper or online, anything but Fox.
I can take 15 seconds of FOX, 30 seconds of MSNBC, 2 minutes of CNN (by then I've heard it all twice), 5 minutes of local (holding out for a teaser to be fulfilled), before giving up.  I try it again every 6 months or so to see if anything changed.   I do watch CNBC at the open and close and have rarely missed anything that anyone talks about concerning current news.  It seems that if it is important, money is usually involved or the news is so significant that CNBC is covering it.  Now I never do get it right about where Brad and Jen stand or who hit the homer in the superbowl.     
CNBC is often on, but mixed with CNN and BBC for other than business news.
CNBCs talking heads is almost as fun as watching a good episode of "who's line is it anyway?". Cheers!
When I listen to CNBC this is what I hear: Buy, bla-bla-bla-bla, Buy, bla-bla-bla-bla, Buy (repeat). Remember . . . "follow the money." When I listen to the other channels I always remember 'Most of these reporters are just talking about something spun-off from another source as "truth," e.g. emphasis on spun." Then, they put there own spin on it.' So the formula as I see it:

THE TRUTH/95% spin/95%spin=not much truth

I like Jon Stewart. Hey, at three-four posts per day, I'm going to catch somebody.
Speaking of CNN, has anyone noticed the qualitative difference between domestic CNN and the overseas versions?  Domestic CNN is horrible.  The graphics alone give me vertigo.  Add the commercials, heavy entertainment focus, and "happy-talk" announcers and the station is nearly unwatchable.  CNN Europe (or whatever its called) is more sedate, simple graphics, and I may be imagining it, but the delivery is much more understated.

I wish they would offer the overseas feed over here.  I might actually watch it on occasion.

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