Do you think I am ready to RE?

rms977 said:
Yep, you got me right on the offer.  Well, you do have to pay for some of the food and the utilities too and your own car.  But I will do all the cooking and cleaning and yardwork.  And I am a damn good cook!  And I can rebuild a carburetor, too.
I think I can handle all the above. How do you look in a bathing suit? :D  So while you are doing the yard work, I can be on the golf course? 8)
Obviously with your family situation this wouldn't be an option.  However, theoretically you could retire after three or four years with a contractor in Iraq.  Your occuption probably would be among the least secure, but the professional salaries over there are in the hundreds of thousands.  If you survive the trip from the airport, the green zone positions are relatively secure.

justin said:
I think I get the general idea - you can make a lot of money, and you will have to put your "life" on hold till you fulfill the contract.  Could one bring their wife and kid along to the overseas job location and live in the provided housing (or do people actually do this)?  I think being away from my family would be a deal breaker for me. 
To help rms977 out a bit, I have been an ex-pat and have seen many ex-pat arrangements. Such arrangements vary considerably between companies, but generally fit the mold as rms977 has described.

Most places accept families IF there are many other ex-pats in those places and there is infrastructure for families, meaning such things as housing compounds, british or american schools, etc. These are in more established locations and the jobs are more inclined to be 40-55 hrs a week. These jobs don't have the 50% uplifts - more like 10-25%. Uplifts depend on the challenging living environment and what it takes to get people to take these jobs and these are more typically single status locations.

Many new locations, particularly in the construction industy are single status for good reason - no supporting infrastructure yet (or ever). These jobs tend to be high paced and very long hours (what else is there to do if there is little recreation?). These kinds of jobs can be pretty tough on females since they are typically in a minority and don't have the support networks at work. But I have seen them do well in such environments too. That means "no life" but it is a shorter way to get to FIRE.
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