Eat that frog - the movie - inspirational.

Thanks so much ! I tend to procrastinate and I'm trying to overcome it so this was great advice .
Perfect timing, Dex. No. 1 on my to-do list today is to procrastinate about getting my term paper done today. Apparently it is due at 11:55 p.m. today but there is a one week grace period.
Great link! I sent it to my son in college who's facing paper and project deadlines this week and finals next week. I have told him to keep repeating to himself "Just two more weeks! Just two more weeks!" He has more than one frog (or toad) to "eat" each day. (Helps me enjoy retirement...even in a down market! )
Very good!

After considerable reflection, I've decided that the thing I have the most difficulty with, is getting a good night's sleep*. So, first thing in the morning, I will concentrate on this, it will be first on my "To-Do" list for the day, and I will avoid all other tasks that might distract me from this goal.

Good night.


* Fortunately, I sleep like a log most nights. So my real #1 To-Do, is find another excuse. ;)
You are welcome.
You are welcome.

You procrastinated for over nine years before responding to the comments on your post!

How many frogs have you eaten in that time?

Actually, that little video made a lot of sense. Thanks! (and I usually hate 'inspirational' videos)

Hmmm, looks like you've been wandering for ~ 6 years now - welcome back!

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