ER Rocks!

Hi Bum....Don't tell me you live in NC and have never visited the mountains!!!!:confused:?? It's beautiful there! 1 of my GF's moved to NC from Fl and I picked her up and she came to the mountains w/ me...OMG! We had lots of laughs...she had never been there either....we had lunch in Blowing Rock and I was shocked that I had to drive down Main St 3 times before I found a parking spot....there is alot going on there all year round! I even got to see snow and trust me....after living in Fl for over 20 was a thrill! :) Annie
Keep your snow Annie. I've got all I can handle. DW and I flip from NC to NY. We're still ER rookies (almost 1yr.) so we don't have a routine yet. Maybe we never will. Zero degrees this morning in UNY with more snow due on Thursday. The beach is starting to look mighty good. Still too cold though. DW and I are planning a trip to FL in Jan. to visit relatives and maybe rent there for a couple months.

Best part of routine and vague plans! Upstate NY? We'll be back, when we get back, if we come back :D
Hi Everyone!!! Time flies :) Next month I'll be 52, my house is coming along beautifully, I'm still reading This Old House just sent the latest issue to my Contractor..I told him they stole our ideas! I'm updating roof, new plumbing, new electric, new foundation....I'm happy to say it is starting to feel more like a country home than a construction site! I'm considering renting out my Fl home for the winter...since I'm retired from advertising I have a few ideas that I feel will make my house easy to rent for the it retirement, call it a second career:confused:?...Lol...whatever we call my sure beats...WORK!!! My Mom is still hanging in there...they take very good care of her at assisted living! Hope everyone enjoys the weekend! Annie 8)
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