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Dryer sheet wannabe
Jul 21, 2006
i am 29 yr old entrepreneur/college drop out from the west coast of Canada . Live part time in Bali indonesia where I just completed my home. Use real estate and multitude of investment vehicles in order to stop working , or should I say allow my money to work for me at forty... cheers.
Welcome. I met a few North American ERs living near Ubud when I stayed there for a while about 8-9 years ago.

Where are you living?
I am currently back in victoria bc . Just spent four months in northern bali, a village in the rice patties called Panji. Close to Lovina. Ubud is very beautiful yet over priced, over crowded and quite elietist. Some of the best restaurants and amazing shopping on the upside. cheers
Sorry to hear about Ubud. When I was there we stayed for about $30/day which included two meals each for 3 people, and didn't see but a small handful of tourists. They were all down at the beaches.

Sigh. Another secret spot scratched off the list.
Ubud is no longer that undiscovered gem.. Lots of people come for traditional dance, shopping and the amazing cuisine. when i say overpriced I am talking about meals for 3-5 dollars rooms for 25 and up. i am pretty jaded i guess.
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