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May 16, 2005
Anybody own Google:confused:

Seems their earnings were submitted before they wanted.... and the stock got hit hard...

Stopped trading... so I guess it will drop more tomorrow...

I am sure my funds will take a hit...
Famous last words:

"Send?!!? Crap, I thought I clicked "save draft"!"
Later stories had Google calling analysts for the last few days to cushion the blow. Which made the early release more problematic because it didn't give enough time to complete the calls. OTOH, there was also speculation that giving non-public information to select analysts isn't legal, so the early release may be the least of their problems.

Or maybe it's just schadenfreude.
I started off with buying 12 shares of Google back in early 2005, for $185.95 per share. Since then, I'd buy a bit more on the dips, sell a bit if it ran up too much, and am currently sitting on 27 shares.

Last time I sold off was back in September, for $702. For all the hoopla over yesterday, it closed at $695, and the pre-market is saying $703.

At this point, I'll probably only sell off or buy if it ends up becoming too out-of-balance in my Scottrade portfolio.
Currently don't own GOOG, sold it back 07 I think. I like google a lot and their products, chrome, android etc mainly because they support linux and open source software. But I have never understood how any body makes money off of pay per click. There has to be a limit to it. I know I install software just to block/ get rid of these things. Does anyone actually click on an ad on a web site ? I never have, ( not intentionally ). Seems like there will soon be web pages with nothing but ads and no content that I want to look at.
Not sure I understand the pay per click either. What I have noticed is that sometimes my cursor seems to have a mind of it's own. As I click on a link I want, all of a sudden some Advertising link gets in right under the wire of my click and takes me to some site I do not want. Anyone else notice this?
Wonder if that counts as "a click".
Google pay per Click Ads

Own a few shares and not selling them.
Google is getting very aggressive selling pay per click ads on mobile platform. I have a mobile ad for my business with a monthly budget maximum of $100. Since I just got started with ad, need to wait a few months before I can guage how it is working. The way it works is when ever someone is using a wireless device in the vicinity of an advertising business, the ad displays on their wireless device. You can change the ad as often as daily (2 coupons are allowed). Whenever a customer clicks on a business' ad/coupon they are directed to the business website to complete the purchase. I own a hotel and since winter is traditionally slow in hotel business, I thought of trying this Google Ad. Like I said we still need to see how much traffic it directs to our website. Thanks

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