Fake it, fake it, fake it. I knew a guy at MegaCorp who was very good about that. He did his mandatory hours, saluted to every silly campaign the corp brought down, saved his money, and pursued his hobby. He had a life outside of MegaCorp, in fact he was a brilliant photographer. Went to and put on shows. He's retired now, and he still puts on shows. While he was working, you would never get a cross word out of him concerning the corp. Now that he's out, he does admit that some of us were just not as necessary as we thought. Hmmm. He faked it :D.
thank you for sharing your experience with me. i needed to hear from someone who's going through what i'm going through.

Cough Cough hint hint from previous post. I did the same thing and I am back in full-time MBA program. Ask away.
I have completed my MBA and still been doing the same kind of work (firmware development). It's more interesting than management or marketing but at lower pay. Therefore, one should be certain before enrollment - time is a terrible thing to waste!

MRGALT2U said:
Get there however you can, and BTW is there something shameful about just being lucky? I thought lucky was a good thing.


I agree, a lot of good things in life involve luck, but you have to put yourself in a position to take advantage of luck, and I bet there was more work involved than you are letting on. No amount of luck is going to land a crack head an 85k job, so don't beat yourself up that you make ten grand more than some peers!
Pretending you like something so you'll get the money has other names. One is 'prostitution'. Tread carefully and make sure you remember that you're making that tradeoff because if you forget...well the names dont get prettier...
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