Hello to all


Confused about dryer sheets
Oct 22, 2006
Just found out about this forum and so I figured I would join you folks here. I was a member of 50+ forums but since they started blogging it is just not the same there.
I am almost retired now, just work part-time a few hours a week and some weeks not at all and I'm sure enjoying it.
I have lots of interests to keep me busy, as I enjoy reading, walking, my computer and I also like to cook.
There doesn't seem to be quite enough hours in the day for me to do all my hobbies.
I am looking forward to interacting here on this forum with you all.

:) :D :)

Not a lot of folks really switch to part time. How does that *work* for you?
Its working quite well for me. I worked full time for twenty years, then I took part-time about ten years ago.
I have worked in the banking field for thirty years and took early retirement but continued as part-time after that.
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