HSBC - Outage?


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Apr 19, 2006
Has anybody been able to log on to HSBC in the last 24 hours? It appears they are having difficulties.:mad:

Since about this time yesterday I have been getting :

Service Unavailable
We're sorry. Personal Internet Banking service is temporarily unavailable. Please try again shortly.
We apologize for the inconvenience.
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They sent me email saying they had had major problems and were in the process of recovering and that they had partially recovered.

I did not log in last week so it must have been a blanket email or something.

I have accounts with HSBC in the UK and their website is working fine.
Received the email a few days ago, after starting this thread.
Googling news reveals that they seem to have outages every now and then. That is a little surprising as banks seem to have some of the most bulletproof change management and disaster recovery procedures in the business, but what would I know?
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