I'm intercst


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Jun 23, 2002
I'm probably infamous to some of the regulars, but I should introduce myself to the new members that haven't seen me on the other message boards.

I retired in 1994 at age 38 after working as an Engineer in the oil & gas and chemical industries for Fortune 500 companies like Exxon and Corning. I have a BS in Civil Engineering from WPI and an MBA from Syracuse. I'm still licensed to practice Engineering in New York and Texas but my schedule prevents me from taking on any new clients today. <wink, grin>

I started the Retire Early Home Page in 1996 to share some of the research I'd collected as a result of retiring early, see link: http://www.retireearlyhomepage.com

intercst (InterCost) is the name of an engineering economics program I wrote in the early 1990's for estimating the cost of large oil & gas facilties in foreign locations. (Get it? International Cost.) When I first got on the web in 1994 I used that as my screen name, but had to drop the "o" since your username was limited to 8 characters at that time. I haven't bothered to change it since.

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