Investing Strategy

Looks like spam to me.

$79 a year for mutual fund recommendations.
Backtested for 5 whole years.
"America's best-selling financial newsletter written from a biblical perspective"
I'm not sure what you mean by spam. I don't think they're spamming anyone. A friend recommended them to me, they didn't spam me.

I don't think it's back tested, I thought I read that those were their real results.
possible shortcomings:

Fund Expenses and Fees

A second type of cost, however, is not reflected in performance data—the fees you pay for buying or selling a fund. This includes both transaction fees to your broker, and any redemption fees charged by the fund. The impact of these costs vary widely depending on which broker you use and how you implement the Upgrading strategy. When you look at Upgrading’s past performance, then, the regular fees charged by the funds are already reflected in the published results, but any transaction or redemption fees that might have been paid are not.

I've got another one. TAXES.

Any investment newsletter that has anything to do with religion is suspect in my book. And how do you know that this newsletter is not being compensated by those mutual funds it keeps recommending? What about those returns pre-1999?

- Alec
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