I've turned in my moderator's badge.

Good job Nords. Enjoyed your posts and hope you will still stop by or else:bat:. Jerry
Nord happy independence day from your 2nd career. At least this one did not require being lock in a steel tube away from the sun and surf for weeks at time.

Mahalo for you efforts they were appreciated.
I will miss your skill and commitment as a moderator--you've added a lot to the board and made it the great place it is. Please post often--now you can take the gloves off and make the moderators really squirm.

danke schön Nords
Thanks Nords

I am a relatively new member of the board but it didn't take long to see who were the best contributors and you are certainly one of them. I understand about the moderator position because it is like a j*%b and surfing sounds like more fun.
Keep those posts coming...........
Hey Nords, I have a gold [-]colored[/-] watch [-]with a dead battery[/-] that you can have, but why on earth would you care what time it is? :p
Wha? Wha? enjoy the surf - and keep on posting!
Yup, I've got this one figured---

You are about to announce a run for the presidency:eek:
Nah, he's just gotten so much press in the financial porn area lately that the navy has asked him to come back and be their spokesperson.
Nords, I want to thank you in public for being the best "welcome wagon" a forum could have. Often the first reply a new user sees comes from you. You always had something interesting to say in reply and you never were pro forma.

Thanks again and I'll miss you in that role and in the role of the guy who encourages people to back off with those frosty beverages held high.

And you do it all without using smilies. :)
Nords, Thank You

I always enjoy your posts. I'm glad to hear you'll still be in the neighborhood.

Thank You for your time as moderator.
You've done a wonder job of making newcomers feel welcome. Before you were the mod of this thread, new people were sort of on their own. You will be missed as a mod, but I'm glad you're still posting here.
Thanks for all the advise and herding the cats around here;).
Hi Nords,

Sorry to see you leave the moderator's position, and am happy that you will continue to post. You have a real knack for combining humor with getting a stern point accross, if needed. You have a gift here, Nords.

I truly look forward to seeing your book in print. You will be helping many people realize there are other positive options for living their lives if they choose them.

Your contributions are measurable. We're proud to know you.

Be well,
Akaisha and Billy
Thanks for the hard work and remember that you can always reup.
Hey Nords! Thanks for all your hard work. Most of all, thanks for the warm welcome I received when I first joined this board and had questions about Hawaii. You've always been incredibly helpful!
Enjoy Nords. Your posts are always interesting but I can imagine the difficulty keeping up with all the threads.


Hey man, haven't been here for as long as the others, but thanks for taking your time here, and always enjoyed your informative posts.

Glad to know I wasn't the only Vet in the world to say screw the rat race (both civilian and military).

I leave the internet for a few days the the planets have re-aligned.

Nords, I understand your need to get on with you life and to free up more personal time without feeling the need to do your duty to the board. Your contributions to this board have been unmatched in content and research and I will miss your straight from the shoulder comments. We may not always agree on the topic but I have always respected your opinion.

Good luck and smooth sailing.

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