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Dryer sheet wannabe
Mar 24, 2004
Heard about this board at Vanguard Diehards board on conversations area Looked it over and it seems very interesting. A lot of good posts.

I am 72 and my wife is 67. Both retired. I owned a dry cleaning plant in Chicago's western suburbs and 2 retail stores for 25 years. Before that owned a Bressler's 33 Flavor Ice Cream store for 7 years in the Ford City Shopping Center on Chicago's south side. Retired in 1997. Own our home mortgage free. Investment portfolio in mid 6 figures, mainly in rollover IRA'S invested 50% stock index funds-50% bond index funds with Vanguard Index Funds. Withdraw 4% annually from funds to supliment SS of about $21000 a year for the two of us.

Will be reading this board every day. As I said it seems very good.

Welcome aboard. You sound like a near prototype for the folks profiled in "The Millionaire Next Door"!
If my wife and I are alive and reasonably healthy
at 72 and 67, I will consider retirement a major

John Galt
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