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Jun 30, 2005
Hi everyone, im new here and dont know alot of things!
Im 50, and just lost my job.
Since im out of work already, is there any way to retire and take care of my disabled wife?
Can i collect any money?
Thank you very much!
So I take it you started thinking about retirement planning after you "retired."

I don't know much about your situation, but maybe it would be easier to look for another job.
Before anyone can give you any advice or information, you have to provide some details on your situation.

When you ask "can I collect any money? "- That is a very wide open question. -
I think you can collect unemployment. You might comtact Social Security to inquiry disability of your wife. Whether you can retire is dependent how much money that you have and how much you will be spending.

SS disability is very difficult to get and the SS Admin. works to make it as hard as possible to collect. If I was applying, I would hire an
attorney from the start who specialized. Anyway, IMHO, it's almost
like having a job to get the benefits flowing. SS recently informed
me that I have been out of the workplace for so long that I no longer
would qualify, so hopefully I will never need it.

The basic rule is that you must be unable to do any work of any kind.
That's pretty broad.

ex-Jarhead said:
JG:  You are an original. ;)

At your age, and fact that you have been retired for 10 years or so, and applied for unemployment, is hilarious. 

Regards, Jarhead

Man....did you start cocktail hour early? Unemployment is not the same
as SS disability, and I never applied for either (since I retired).
I'll tell you this though. If I could get either one, I would take it in
a heartbeat.

Actually SS disability IS hard to get, but you dont have to 'be unable to do any kind of work'.

Two in the family, both on my wifes side, both stroke victims. You'd hardly know anything is wrong with either, but there is. Social service employee in the family was the key. You get rejected on your first request every time, according to the social service relative. On appeal, you should have convincing expert witnesses, including a good social service employee. As long as they can testify that you're substantially impaired from doing what you normally do, you're pretty much in.
Step - daughter in spare room - lawyer- 6 mo's - a record around here - crushed heel, cam walker, torn ligaments - still requires a judge and a hearing - in spite of blindingly obvious medical records. SS needs to help the lawyers out also.

Interestingly - since her tax records put her on the Charity Medical System - there is no need to fix anything - as long as the condition is "stabilized" by their definition. When the two year waiting period is up - Federal money(not state) - Medicare (not Medicaid) - may/or may not fix it so she can get back back to work.

If you are reading logic into this - don't. I'll stop here before I lapse into a rant.
Thanks for all the reply's.
I am recieving unemployment pay, and since my wife is disabled, she is recieving dissability pay (it took a little over a year and a mountain of paperwork). Last time at the doctor's, doc said that i might have to stay home & take care of her (she fall's alot). I thought about it and said, i have to work, i can't stay home. Well i'm home now and taking care of her, thank's to loosing my job! When the doc said that i might have to stay home, & take care of her, does he know something i don't?
By the way, my wife has secondary progressive M.S.
I assume you have to reduce spending.
You will find a lot of valuable ideas on that at and on the boards at
Also, you may check out the book "The complete Tightwad Gazette" at your local library or buy it second hand. Although it is a bit outdated it has lots of good ideas for living on a small income.
Take care!
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