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Jan 28, 2007

Does FireCalc have an option for "save parameters" like the Optimal Retirement Calculator does? Then when you go back later, you don't have to re-enter everything...


Is that the same as "display input data" ? That seems like a static list of the inputs. I'm hoping to have a place where my last entries "appear" in the calculator so I can just make a change or two and submit results again.

I don't see "Link to this set of data" anywhere... :(
spncity said:
Is that the same as "display input data" ?

I don't see "Link to this set of data" anywhere... :(

:confused: You don't see something that looks like this:

Link to this set of data (Right-click and either "Copy Shortcut"
to paste into an email, for example, or "Add to Favorites")

Display input data
Interesting. The "Link to this set of data" only shows on the default submit page called "The success rate of your portfolio and withdrawal plans."

It does not seem to appear on other submit pages such as
"how much you spend each year."

I guess that was my problem.

I'm on dial-up :( so my other problem seems to be that after two or three "submits" it won't work anymore and I have to close the window and start over.

Thanks for your help.

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