Should a "For Sale" section be added?

Should a "For Sale" section be added to the forum?

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  • No

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Oct 28, 2003
  • I just bought a Asus eee and got the Windows XP program to install on it. After using it for a couple of days I don't think I will be using it. Unfortunately, I opened the packaging so I can't return it. That got me to thinking - how can I sell this thing? I don't do eBay. I might look into Craig's list - I never used it.
So the question is:
Should a "For Sale" section be added to this forum for people like me to sell things?
I'm the lone "yes" vote as I'm an avid eBay seller too....but I would have to add that any "For Sale" section here would need to be limited to long time posters (maybe 100+ posts or member longer than 1 year?) or some other such parameter in order to avoid any casual visitor from using the board as an alternate eBay or Craigslist!!
I voted No, because I don't want to filter through them when I view "New Posts". I could foresee a lot of clutter (lots of threads) even if just long term posters use this as an ebay or craigslist alternative.
I vote no on anything that resembles an advertisement.
If the intended items had a financial or retirement focus to them. I have some financial books I'd be willing to sell and I get some financial mags I would forward on for the price of postage and envelopes.
Dex -- go with Craigslist -- it's free, it works great, and it puts your for-sale item in front of a lot more buyers. Granted, some of them are flakes, but still...

It's very easy, and once you get the practice, who knows what else you might decide to unload for profit.
I discovered Craigslist last year and sold a bunch of stuff that way. Free and easy.

So Dex, what don't you like about the Asus?
What possible advantage would there be to having a for-sale forum here? Zillions of alternatives on the web for that, nothing but trouble over deals gone bad.

No interest here.
No for me too. This board has a underlying purpose and most of us know what it is. With all of the "real" for sale sites with controls on payments and the ensuing problems that can arise I don't think the moderators want to put up with that.
I voted no - though I'd love to see Lazy get some help getting rid of those 80 gravesites he is stuck with.
Gee... buying & selling on a forum that marketers & salespeople associate with stinkin' rich retirees. I don't see how that could cause any trouble!
Gee... buying & selling on a forum that marketers & salespeople associate with stinkin' rich retirees. I don't see how that could cause any trouble!

Bingo! Great idea. Maybe we could sell our used stuff for inflated prices!

I can see it now....

For sale: Lucky investment socks.

Wear these socks when picking stocks. They worked for me and they will work for you! Only a few dozen left in stock - get 'em now.

$16.95 ea.
$11.95 Shipping and handling

My thought is that I am personally sick to death of sales pitches. I know about Craigslist, Ebay and about a million other places when my goal is to part with cash. I come here for community and common sense to the ER life. I personally adore "FREECYCLE". But if I hear of anyone looking for big bunch of cemetary plots I will send their info to ya Lazy!

I like our anonimity!;)
:confused: Why? There are plenty of options to sell used stuff out there already.
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