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I imagine the yellow smiling face starts off by saying, "hey, I think 4% withdrawals are too much, what about 100% tips, lets start a great SWR debate!"
Looks like you're losing some posts too. You're waaaaaayyyyy behind JG now.
KB said:
Looks like you're losing some posts too.  You're waaaaaayyyyy behind JG now.

He was way behind me before either of us found this board.

JG what you're saying is I'm standing behind you instead of the other way around? If forced to choose one or the other, I guess thats better.

Quality vs quantity, its tough to keep pace with someone who replies 5-7 times in series with rambling thoughts when you actually read the whole thread and give a more comprehensive single reply, my dog ate my homework, car broke down, alarm clock didnt go off, yada yada yada...

I actually tried that spontaneous multiple reply thing. It didnt work out. Had to keep going back and editing my earlier posts as I finished reading what everyone else wrote only to discover I was repeating what other people said or that I didnt fully comprehend what the OP was looking for/saying as they had later clarifications.

Some people might not be interested in that though, as they just wanna hear themselves talk ;)

(I keeed....I keeeed...JG's post count is amazing...for meee to pooop on!) ;)
All right kids, behave or I'll encrypt post counts. :D :D :D

th posts: 4a04cc7c870cd1cea818dea6695836ce
JG posts: b01dd7b44da702c3cb91d8a89c52e4f
Users w/1 post: b026324c6904b2a9cb4b88d6d61c81d1
Hey I like that!

I've actually seen a couple of boards stop doing the post count thing...on one of them three guys were hell bent on being "#1" (for what thats worth). One dropped out when the other two went past 18,000 posts in a five month period. Most of them one or two word out of context posts and jabs at each other...the place was starting to get almost unreadable...
th said:
...the other two went past 18,000 posts in a five month period.
...the place was starting to get almost unreadable...

Oh, it starts happening *way* before 18000 posts.
Zing! Moghopper!

I think we should have a Nirvana like point with posts, where beyond that number (say 5000?) it just says, "enough" or "beyond the horizon of mortal comprehension".

BTW BWMWJ, I want a cool interactive icon under my avatar, too! :( ;)
Oooh! I have dueling smileys today!

Maybe I can get one of you guys to write my posts for me too? :) ;)
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