Toenail matrix removed - how long to heal?


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Aug 5, 2011
West of the Mississippi
I've had some problems with ingrown toe nails on one of my big toes for several years. The Dr. recommended that I get part of the toenail matrix (root) destroyed so that part of the toenail does not grow back.

In the past when only the ingrown part of the nail was removed, my toe healed quickly. Within two weeks I was walking about as normal. However, this is taking longer. It's been almost a month and the area where the matrix was removed is still a bit swollen and reddish. No puss, and no pain unless I purposely apply pressure to it.

If you have had this minor surgery, can you tell me how long it took for the destroyed matrix area to heal.
I haven't had this procedure, but I've had toenail injuries that took months to knit.

If you're not experiencing pain nor infection, then I'd say you are doing very well. Light exercise and massaging the base of the toe should help circulation and speed healing. A cold compress will help with the swelling.

Good luck!
DW had that done. Seems like it took a while. I don't recall her complaining. However she had let the nail get so ingrown and was in so much pain for so long anything's better.. Might want to give the docs office a call.
I had that done to my big toe. It does take a while, so this is not unusual. I was pretty meticulous in soaking it in warm epsom salt and applying antibacterial cream several times a day. I also recall having to wrap it for several weeks. Can't remember exactly, but it might have taken ~ 6 weeks to heal, and believe it was about 4 weeks before I resumed playing softball.

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