The thing is, would the smiting be anonymous? Probably better that way. Otherwise you'd get into smiting wars!
I wouldnt mind either way.

Five bucks says I could surprise at least 3 people by giving them good karma, and surprise another 3 with bad...
unclemick2 said:
350k - his and hers, 1993, age 49, no health care then or now.

What's the big deal?

I'm guessing 350K was about ours also (first marriage) in 1993, also age 49,
but I did have health insurance for all but a few months since I hung it up.

HaHa said:
I would be forced to use more of my time either practicing drums, going out, or maybe even getting a job! I might finally even get my Spanish up to speed- then I could start on Arabic. Who knows, I might one day be useful at Guantanamo.

Sounds like it might be a good thing for you. Look at the list of things you would accomplish. ;)

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