What have you done to be frugal?

You should thank your parents frequently for footing your health insurance bill. The law changed to *allow* them to carry you on their insurance... but didn't obligate them. They are being very generous and you should thank them often.

Many young adults are not so fortunate.

I continuously thank my mom for everything she has done for us. She had me and my siblings when she was very young, we grew up with nothing, and she even took in other struggling kids. I watched her build from nothing all the way to the top. I've watched her struggle so much for me and know what it's like not to have, so I'm definitely grateful for everything I do have! She also volunteers constantly, and has taught me to be very giving and always grateful.

Seeing her pull through has made me who I am today :)

But I'll stop there because I'd write about how incredible she is all day :D
I live in Alabama. If you live in Alabama and really want to spend $$ for worthy entertainment, you can't. Because it is Alabama. :cool:
So, if you want to save $$$ on entertainment - move to Alabama.
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Going frugal before ER

2 years ago we stopped paying life insurance premiums and let the dividends and cash value increases cover the annual premiums
Dropped the landline in 2009 - no sense having landline and cell phone
Increased deductibles on car and home insurance
Monthly Sams club warehouse shopping trips
Got rid of cable 2 years ago - record local channels on home computer hooked up to our tv, use huluplus for some shows we used to watch on cable
Charge everything we can on Discover card and pay in full monthly
Downsized to a smaller, less expensive home in 2008
Used move to declutter and reduce quite a bit of stuff we won't need again
Refinanced the mortgage from 5.75% to 2.75% in 2010. Will be paid off by 2017 unless we ER and move before then!
Switched to online savings account for better interest rate. 1% vs banks .2%
Changed from Megabank to local CU
Since we have 1 company supplied car, we got rid of the minivan this year. DW likes her convertible too much to part with that one.
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