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BUT: Table done with inputting the data, selecting only the data (not the blank lines above/below, or any area that might include an invisible hard return), and then clicking on the table button (and as I've finished this step I see once again the table tags automatically appearing on separate lines above and below):


Can you just go in and delete the space after the table tag to get rid of the line break?
Janet, yes, of course, I can manually alter the tags, and like I said I'd just key in the tags myself anyway.

My point was only that the automatic formatting by clicking on the table button doesn't work for me for some reason if that matters.
My emachines keyboard doesn't have a vertical slash...

...although it does have a SLEEP button :confused:

Is there another symbol I could substitute for the vertical slash?
And Janet, it's totally awesome to be able to create a table--I'm glad we can do that however it works!

Amethyst, maybe just try holding down "shift" and then typing the \ key? Spmeone here might be able to tell you how to create the character in Word or something, too.
It should be the upper case on the \ key but if you have a non-standard keyboard, then just copy this
and paste it...
Another "table" option is to copy cells from a spreadsheet, then compose the post in Word using the "Paste Special" feature and choosing "Unformatted Text".

The pasted text actually includes tabs which can be replaced by Word's "Edit/Replace" feature. ("Find what" selects the tabs by using the "Special" dropdown box for "Tab character".) Replace the tabs with the pipe character (|), check the formatting for any double-pipes that sneaked through (||), and wrap the text in the [ TABLE][ /TABLE] codes.

Doesn't seem to matter whether an equal number of columns exist among the rows.
Right Justify Table Entries

You can put bracket "right" and end bracket "right" to get things to right justify. Good when you display numbers.

[ TABLE="head"]Numbers|Numbers|Numbers
[ RIGHT]42[ /RIGHT]|42|[ RIGHT]42[ /RIGHT]


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