Credit cards...are they worth the risk?

I'll pile on. Credit cards are definitely worth the trouble. In addition to all the other stuff mentioned, there's some value to having an immediate line of credit available 24/7 for emergencies. If your car breaks down while you are out of town and you need to get it towed and the transmission repaired on a Saturday, a credit card is a great thing to have.

Because I travel frequently and charge a lot for business expenses, I've found it useful to have all the major credit card brands. There are frequently promotions at the hotels I use for using one particular type of card, while other cards give extra cash back at various times for various types of purchases. I earn a few extra nights in hotels every year this way, and my cash back benefits amount to several hundred bucks for doing almost nothing.

BTW, I'm not a big fan of the cards that give airline miles anymore. The number of seats actually available for using these miles has shrunk so you often have to buy the tickets a year in advance. Plus, the number of miles needed for this travel is increasing all the time, effectively reducing the value of the miles. I'd go for a card that gives you something you can use any time: cash.
I thought we were talking about the credit cards issued by companies like VISA, MASTER CARD, etc., and debit cards issued solely by Banks.
I am not sure which post you were addressing, just in case it was mine...
I was discussing Visa in particular, and the rate the merchants pay VISA to process the charges. My apologies if I wasn't clear.

I agree completely with you, I hate those 'store' cards;)
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