Evil schemers?

Ahh. Pretty good article. Another nail in the coffin for funding a Roth IRA. Until that gets raided. Assuming you qualify to contribute, yadda yadda.

I mis-read the title of your thread. I thought it said "Evil schmears." Cream cheese? Evil?
who's to say that tax rates or the particular law in question won't change in the next 20 years. Hell, who is to say SS will even be around in the next 20 years. Still, for our govt. to use a fixed dollar amount in any legislation is just stupid.
Or manipulative and abusive.


Having listened to some of the exchanges between the CBO and Congressional Committees, I agree. The CBO does try to tell Congress Critters of "unintended consequences" that their projections reveal. One tends to assume that either the critters are deaf, brain-dead, or slime-balls. I prefer the latter explanation but suspect the brain-dead explanation.
So I'll ask the question again: Are politicians hapless boobs or evil schemers?
A: all of the above (but we already knew that)
The problem with some of this budget crap is that you have to pay as you go.... so, pass something that cost money and index for inflation it cost more.... you hope that when it comes time, they will vote in a higher amount and pay for it then... or you claim that letting your 5 yr tax cut not continue will NOW be a tax increase.....

So, it seems like someone does not want to move the level up because they have to pay for it... and I am sure that it would cost a LOT of money..

Also, IIRC this is only one of a couple of items in the code not indexed.... I believe AMT is the other big one... a small one is the estate/gift tax exemption...

(yes I know that this was passed before pay as you go.... but it was the same concept)...
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