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I didn't know anyone could to begin with but thanks. I certainly never noticed if anyone did before.
Well, I verified I don't have the option of posting on your profile, and it says there are no messages posted.
I want to get emails to notify me of updates to my watched threads. I checked the email box but still not getting email notifications. :confused:
I tested this on a watched thread by making sure email alert was enabled (it says "email" to the left of the checkbox) for that thread. When someone posted to the thread, I did get an email.

Edit: make sure it shows "email" after selecting the box and using "enable email notification" in the drop down to the lower right and clicking "go". The checkbox is only for selecting the message(s) you're applying the change to.

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I have an observation and a question about the screen capture below from my Android.

Q: Why are the letters in the thread title "What OLD series/movies" so much larger than the other new posts?

Observation: The "Post thread ..." button is not as legible as one would like. This is Brave browser in an Android System. I have turned on an Appearance setting called 'Enable "Night Mode" Experimental).' I realize there are many browsers and devices to consider with a setting like this, and don't expect anything to be done about this. Just an observation.

Tried to attach photo. Got the oops problems file size too large response.

Kept reducing it, and kept getting the same oops response.

Got down to 1.5 mb - still oops reply.

Really - is 1.5 MB photo size too big?

What is the max size photo attachment allowed?
This is jpg over 4mb, so it's something else.


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I don't know, I hadn't heard of a limit, I'm sure someone who knows will reply! I just wanted to test and see if I got the same result as you, and it was well over 1.5mb.
And so what is the maximum photo size allowed (in mb)?
The problem could that it's too many pixels rather than actual MB. Try resizing the file to fewer pixels. I got a message the image was too big when trying to attach a 30 megapixel image but attached a 7 megapixel image fine with similar file size.

ETA - I resized to about a third of the original pixel size and that was imported ok. Ended up about 1.5mb.
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Plot thickens. Old posts have the mixed up emojis, new posts are posting OK. Snippet from today's Wordle thread:
Holy smokes .... I ignored these forums for the last 5-6 weeks while I was totally slammed with w*rk from a complex project. I finally jumped back on tonight & thought I'd somehow gone to the wrong page! Interesting new look. If nothing else, I appreciate having the "New Posts" and "Mark forums read" links readily accessible at the top of every page.
ETA: After going through a few threads, I'm also seeing/appreciating a few rather nice interface improvements. Well played, Admins ... well played.
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Is there something I can do to speed up the loading of messages? I just did an Ookla speed test and I get 215 Mbps download, so plenty good for this forum. But when I scroll it takes a long time for new messages to load. And even typing this message is a lag. Maybe its something with adds? not using a blocker. I am using a Macbook Pro Monterey OS 12.7.1 with Firefox version 125.0.3. I never had this kind of lag before the update. Its really not usable. Safari does seem to be faster (version 17.4). hmmmm
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Do you see the slow scrolling on other websites as well?
I know there are some Firefox add-ons that deal with this issue so that's another thing to look into.
I just installed "uBlock Origin" extension on firefox and then shut and restarted firefox. Not sure if that was the ticket, but muuuuch better so far. Thx
Is there any way to add a watched link to the "New Posts" and "What's New" Results? I understand if one goes to a forum then a "Watched" link is visible.

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