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Jun 30, 2005
This will cause you nearly no extra effort. Simply follow this link:

* Register with the site.

* Set their page as your homepage; not necessary, but handy.

* Every time you want to search Google, do so from that homepage and you will be paid 2 cents per search. Limit of 50 searches per day.

This means that you can make a potential $30 a month for doing what you would be doing anyway.

Then there are referrals. When you refer a person to the website, you make an additional 2 cents for every search they perform. From this perspective, revenue potentials are unlimited.

Why not? It's easy money! Feel free to send me a message if you have any questions, and please do read the site's FAQ for more info.

PayPup and Netbux are quickly gaining attention as two awful scams. Covering the background, both programs promise to pay each member 2 cents for searching Google, Yahoo, eBay, MSN and many other sites with searching capabilities. Both were founded in April of 2005, first, followed by Pay-to-Search (PTS) seemed to be a big splash, with members able to earn thousands of dollars per month.

Unfortunately, both websites are overhyped scams. First of all, there is no way that any advertiser would pay 2c to Netbux and PayPup for each time a random user searches and receives an advertisement. Ads are not worth $0.02 each. Not to mention, referral commission is 100%, so Netbux and PayPup scammers are actually promising to pay $0.04 per search! If you know anything about the advertising business, $40.00 CPM is absurd, and no company would pay that much.

As if that were not horrible enough, Netbux and PayPup are offering to sell unreferred members to those willing to fork out some cash. At first, both sold referrals for $1 per each member. Later, Netbux increased the rate to $3, and PayPup to $2.50. In any circumstance, this is nothing more than a fishy smelling scam. Since referrals can earn $1 PER DAY for the user who purchased them, it makes zero sense for the website owners to sell them at such a low rate! The only possibility is that Netbux and PayPup simply want to earn more free money before they close down their business.

Perhaps they are eager for more money to make up for lost revenue. Both Netbux and PayPup had their Google AdSense accounts terminated, for two separate reasons. Netbux urged members to "CLICK HERE!" which is a clear violation of AdSense for Search policy. PayPup greedily edited its website code so that mesothelioma attorney and lawyer AdSense advertisements would always show up. Anyone with knowledge of the AdSense knows that these pay dollars per click, and forcing them to appear is against the terms of service. On top of that, Netbux was also removed from another advertisement company, Clicksor.
quote;a potential $30 a month;;quote

Beware guys, that $30 a month is probably only earned by the really high achiever--MBA's and such.
Mere mortals likely come in at only around $10 or so. :LOL:
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