Navy Federal "Add On" CD


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Aug 27, 2004
Laurel, MD
Just noticed NFCU has an option to "add on" to an existing CD and get the same rate for the remaining term. I have an IRA-CD there with 5 yrs to run @ 4% that would be better than anything else I could find. I'm not really looking for fixed these days but think I will roll some 401k money out of a stable value fund into this deal. I wll call them tommorrow and post add'l details. I am wondering how much they will let me add.
Please give us details. I would love to add to some of my NFCU CDs.
Called NFCU this am.......
-The offer is only for IRA-CDs
-The deadline is April 30
-$500 minimum add-on/ No Maximum (IRS Limit)
-They will accept rollover contributions
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