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Aug 6, 2018
Does anyone know the difference between the "New Posts" vs. "Recent Threads" links?

My first though was that the Recent Threads would only be posts started recently (vs. recently replied to) but I see one on my feed that was from 2011, "LOL!'s, Market Timing Newsletter". In the New Posts link I also see recently added posts as well as old posts with new replies.

Not important just always wondered why different threads are listed in each and thought there must be a difference.
“Recent threads” from the portal page and “new posts” show pretty much the same thing. A more descriptive name for “Recent threads” would be “recently updated threads”.

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From my observation, "New Posts" doesn't show threads that haven't been updated since I viewed them, can go multiple pages, and beyond that show old posts. They also have just a bit more information in most columns. "Recent threads" looks to be one page of the most recent threads, whether I've viewed them or not.

I think both of them show any age thread, but only if recently updated.

I suspect you see that "LOL's Market Timing" in the "Recent threads" but not "New Posts" because you've viewed it since the latest change. If that's not it, please be more specific what you mean by "my feed" since I can only guess what you're referring to.
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