One Year Anniversary


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Apr 17, 2016
Coastal CT
Yesterday was one year into retirement. It went so quickly, and I haven't really wrapped my head around it yet. We had a big busy year, I retired, we sold our house and moved to a new state. Finished home renovations most of last summer, our daughter got married in the fall and then we did a big Australia and NZ trip in March. Oh, and we got two Cavalier puppies. So the first year seemed very , very busy to me. Now reality can begin to set in and I'm very excited to see how the next few years go.

Before I retired I absolutely knew I was going to volunteer - but I didn't. I have a couple of places in mind but not sure I want to commit to that yet.
I was going to take up golf( again) , we started some lessons indoors in the winter and then my wife had an injury and is still not ready to golf. So , I didn't.
I was going to join some local meet up groups - I didn't.
I was going to take some college classes on Meteorology - but I didn't.
I was going to get involved with Trout Unlimited in my new state - I joined but never went to a meeting..yet.
I did start going to a gym , now 2-3 times a week, more than I did since I was in high school. Feeling pretty good physically. I cut my small lawn with a walk behind mower, whereas when working I always hires a crew for lawn care.

We have started to meet people in the neighborhood, but it's slow. I have noticed cocktail hour seems to begin earlier than when to keep tabs on that.
It took me months but now I can sleep in to at least 6 am most days, it used to be 4:45 when working.
I have read several books since retiring.
I have noticed our spending habits have been slow to change, we keep buying stuff for the house, but I think that will settle down over the next year.
I spent a ton of time in my workshop and finished a jewelry chest for my wife, I definitely enjoy woodworking.

I watch the accounts, the markets and handle the investments, pay the bills and I enjoy it.

Anyways, no real point here , just sharing. Looking forward to boating season and more travel next year.
Feeling blessed!
I'm guessing you've learned a lot about your self and what retirement life will be like for you going forward. I wouldn't worry about what you "didn't" do that you had planned. Plans change.

Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! :flowers:
Sounds like a great first year. You do think you will have to add a bunch of stuff to keep busy and then find out you are busier than you thought you would be. I am at 27 months retired and still not bored unless I choose to be :)
Congrats! I think there's a lot of things that your "working self" plans on doing in retirement, that your 'retired self' decides not to do. I always advocate taking a year or so to let the dust settle before embarking on some idea that your working self thought would be a good idea. Your perspectives do change in RE.

I thought that working as a volunteer at an archaeological dig in Cambodia would be fun....ummm glad I decided against that one!
Congratulations--sounds like you had a great year.
Enjoy the years to come.
Congrats on your first year! I just celebrated mine as well.

The hardest part of volunteering is simply showing up the first time. I've been volunteering with several organizations for quite a while. One nonprofit in particular, I've been volunteering with for over 15 years, mainly because it's an easy place to volunteer. The volunteer forms took 5 minutes to complete and the first thing they did was show me where the brooms and dustpans are stored. That was enough to keep me busy for a few hours a week for years, and without any schedule or required time. If I didn't feel like coming in, I just didn't. A decade later and I joined the board, so now my time is schedule. Regardless, my advice with volunteering is to find something that's convenient and low commitment.
I appreciate your insight on the first anniversary. I'm at 7 months and "still wrapping my head around it" as you say. I have pursued one thing (tax prep course) that helped give me some structure in the winter, while expected family matters to tend to were bigger than I thought they'd be. Now I'm starting to dip into the other big thing I wanted to dip into -- local cycling including advocacy. I didn't have big things like you did, like a move and Australia/NZ trip, but I've had other things to keep me busy (I also like to manage the finances as you do) and I'm similarly not moving too quickly on the other things -- which is weird but awfully nice.
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