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I'm using IE9 too, with Windows 7, and it is not happening for me. Odd!
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Looking into this - thanks for the reports :)
I am getting the same and I use IE7. A change on this website must have taken place in the last 24 hours, since the screens were fine yesterday.
Happening with me also this morning - IE8 on Windows 7
just testing -ignore this post

I'm OK, too (at least I think so...:LOL:)

just testing -ignore this post

update (hey, I said ignore this!) When I pressed SUBMIT or PREVIEW, the browser did nothing. Logging in/out of seemed to clear it up. - ERD50
This is more of an annoyance than a quirk, but it's getting progressively more annoying.

When you bring up the "Reply to Thread" window, the actual window you're typing in is just a small rectangle in the middle of the monitor. Immediately to its right is the block of Smiley emoticons. I don't use them and never really paid attention to them. They used to just sit there quietly as frozen pixels like the rest of the screen. But over the last few months the emoticon technology has been getting more animated-- now this little menagerie is dancing, laughing, rolling, toying with their sunglasses, spitting flames, and waving all over the place. It's like those websites that used to show those supremely annoying animated "duck in a shooting gallery" banner ads.

All I want to do is knock out a few thoughtful sentences in that little reply window. The action in the Smiley window is pretty distracting. When I'm reviewing my text my peripheral vision is caught by all the movement, so I track off from the text and eventually lose my train of thought.

I know that I can do my typing in Word or go find a less animated discussion board (so to speak) but please let me know if there's a way to shut off the visual pollution. I'd be delighted to have the option to make the whole block go away, and other users might prefer to just have three or four of their favorite emoticons on the screen instead of the whole crowd.
Here's one workaround:

At least in Chrome browsers (and I think Firefox and Safari as well), the text box has a little handle in the lower right corner which allows you to expand the size of the box. Do that, and you can drive the little dancers off the edge of the screen. But it is an extra step.

But I agree with you, this is a bunch of mostly useless sizzle (worse than useless as it takes up space and is distracting) over actual functionality. And I never understood having the 'more' button, when the default selections aren't my preferences anyhow. And there is room for 'more' there anyhow, so why limit it to those few? All or nothing, or a customized set would be preferable.

And when I click 'more' I get a tiny little window that I need to expand to see the 'more' anyhow. Kinda defeats the purpose...

One more question: how can you do "thanks" on the iPad app?

This is one of the features that is not available using the app. If you are in Ipad you could login just using the browser ;)
Actually i just replied to someone else's post..... I want to post a new forum topic to see if anyone else knows something about the topic I want to talk about..... how do I do that..... Post New topic?
Open the forum section where you want to post your question. You can view the subject areas here:

Look for the 'New Thread" button, click and follow the prompts.

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Yes we have been working on an issue with one of our products. We have been in touch with the vendor and believe we have found a temporary solution. Thanks for the heads up! :)
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