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Thinks s/he gets paid by the post
Nov 17, 2007
Since this forum seems to attract many like minded individuals, many of whom write or read blogs, is there anyway you could create a listing or sticky to which people can contribute their favorite blogs for the enjoyment of others ?

I realize that it might require a lot of effort to weed out spammer blogs or blogs that go dormant but couldn't you smart Internet types figure out a way for us users to assist in that ? Maybe the fancy term is "groupsource" it or something ?

As a heavy reader of blogs I know I would enjoy it and since a thread seems to pop up every so often asking for blog recommendations, I think others would to.

If such a thing already exists here(I looked hard, honest), then please feel free to act like my wife.

Ignore me... ;O)
Hi Koogie,

We already have a list of blogs. Click on "links" at the top of this page. If there is a blog you want to add to the list, use the "submit a link" button in the "links" section. The blog will be reviewed and posted if approved.
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