Tulip Bulbs: 2008


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Aug 1, 2007
Imagine if the Dutch government had decided at the top of the tulip bulb mania that they had to support bulb prices.
That the economic disruption caused by the bubble bursting was too damaging and that they would use any governmental means to prop up ridiculously high prices, no matter what the consequences.
I guess I can live with the Fed's actions, but I'm sure rates will be higher soon enough, and sold TIP at $108 (which promptly went to $111...) because I think bonds have nowhere to go but down. May takes months to do it, but I'll have to live with cash for that portion of the AA. Re-buy at $98 or so... O0

Still have a short-term BF position, maybe 8% worth.
Barbarus, you dog, you! I thought this thread might be an escape from the serious topics that are rampant on this board. Oh, well, I can report that I escaped to a corporate art gallery at noon today--the Thiebauds and Diebenkorns were to die for; and there was an added bonus of tulips galore--tightly packed up and down the escalators, in bunches everywhere. Let’s see, that gallery and all the tulips are owned by a large bank which in turn is....
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