Upcoming Updates

Having the board changed without having any options (as promised) to reset the changes is just freakin' annoying.

I guess I'll come back when the "guinea pig beta tester" part of the "upgrade" is done.

I'll check Bogleheads occasionally too.
"Change is good, Donkey!"

Shrek, 2002
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I'm a little behind the times here. I just now read about these changes and I still have the same old boring blue screen. I found the option for the new right column. Is there an option for the green screen? I want a pretty new green screen.:( Maybe that part hasn't been changed yet?
H2B, The new skin has not been rolled out yet. I still have a few bugs to work out. Hopefully it will be this next week.
A little feedback on the automated Thanks message.

It's great having a notification sent when someone thanks you. Excellent!

Observation: The wordiness of the automated TY message makes it difficult to find the sender's typed text that was sent via the TY.

Either that or I need to put my glasses on. ;)
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