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Mark@K-Town 04-14-2021 12:11 PM

Successor trustee recommendation
I worked with my parents to establish a trust for my younger (disabled) brother. The trust has three components: an inherited IRA, a “Special Needs” trust, and a conventional “For Benefit Of” trust. I am named in the trust documents as the Advisor to the Trustee, and as such I have the authority to replace the Trustee. About a dozen years have gone by since my parents passed away. I am now considering replacing the Trustee and would like to hear from anyone with similar experience who could suggest/recommend successor trustee candidates, either corporate firms or individuals.

I need the successor trustee to provide bill paying services for my brother, tax management services, and property management service (for my brother’s residence), but I don’t need investment portfolio management services. The investments are at Vanguard and are passively managed (only a half dozen index funds that are rebalanced annually). Other than annual rebalancing, there is also an annual RMD from the inherited IRA to the cash account that is used to pay my brother’s bills.

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