Anybody use Viking for Antarctica


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Jul 15, 2014
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I was wondering if anyone has used Viking for an Antarctica trip and could relay what they thought of the trip. ?

They have only done them fairly recently.

I'm wondering if they actually even get off the ship onto the ice, it's hard to determine from their graphic diagram of the trip ?
I am going to Antarctica in a month with Aurora. an Australian company. I will report on them after the trip.

I have heard good things about Viking. They did have a window knocked out by a rogue wave in the Drake Passage killing a woman a couple of weeks ago but that doesn't reflect on them. On the other hand, it may have prompted some cancelations opening up opportunities for you. :).
I just got back from a trip with Quark. Was an excellent program with about half the time off ship.
I did an Antarctic cruise some years ago, but I think there will not be much change. We were issued red parkas for visibility. We were taken to shore in Zodiacs in small groups. I took a pair of cement worker boots with me and left them. You need them because you will be walking in penguin poop.
Boot washing stations were set up at the shoreline.
Bottom line, it was a great experience.


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