how to post captions with pictures

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Sep 10, 2006
When I post pics, I use the paper clip button to attach them (browse, then hit "upload"). All my pics end up at the end of my post. I see some people put captions describing each pic as they go along. How do I do that?
Those images you see are actually hosted else where - often a photo sharing site. Here's how you would embed an image:

How to embed an image stored on another site:
You can do this by using image tags. Upload the image to a service like imageshack and then copy the URL of the image and put that between tags. That will work well, as long as the host site stays in business and doesn't disable your image for overuse of bandwidth etc.

Paste the url of the image into your post. Then add the following code on either side of the url (with no extra spaces):

[IMG]url here

The image will appear where the url was in your text.
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