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Feb 8, 2003
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The old boards are still here, but they have been made read-only. This new software allows you to put boards as "child" boards of others, so open the "Old Boards" board to see all the old stuff: http://early-retirement.org/forums/index.php?board=15.0

By the way, the search feature of this new board works better and faster than the old one. Give it a try if you lose track of something.
Cross Reference

EDIT: The script to do this automatically is complete and in place. Click and forget.

In links pointing to old board messages, there is a "num=" in the URL and sometimes a "start=".

The new board uses the "topic=X.Y" where X is the topic number and Y is the same as the "start=" number.

The topic numbers aren't the same, but I have a cross reference table that tells the new topic number based on the old topic number. The file is attached.

For example, using the attached cross reference list I can convert an old URL as shown:




because 1109989865 cross-references to 2269.

I hope to automate this conversion, but if you're hard up to find where an old link is you can look it up using the attached cross-reference file. (Automated script is in place now.)


  • xref.txt
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If you haven't noticed, on "Old boards", you can click the category title and the contents disappear or reappear from the list.
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