Organizing and Finding info (tagging)

Andy R

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Site Team
Jan 31, 2007
Dallas, Tx
I want to get your input on an idea to help find info better around our site. I could install some features that would allow us to tag/mark threads on various topics. Once this has been done, then we can pull up discussions on those topics. This could be helpful to find discussions on insurance, mortgages, 401k, investment strategies, etc.

The way it works is the member is presented with some thread profile options when starting a new threads. Old threads can be tagged by a moderator to help organize our archives.

I can then setup filters so that people can filter the forums based on the type of discussions they are looking for. I am pretty sure we can setup the filters per forum, so we can tailor the filters to fit the discussions of that forum.

When thinking about this idea, please keep in mind the newbies. For many long time users, finding info is easier but for a newbie they might not be experienced enough to know how search for things.

As always, your feedback, thoughts, comments, etc are greatly appreciated.

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