Part time work at home?


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Oct 14, 2003
Hello everyone!!

I'm new to the forum and am seeking some advice
or contacts on working from home on my computer. I
would like to get out of the rat race @ the office and just forget about all the Bull**** that goes along with it,
I currently work contract with one of the big three in the Engineering/Design field and was recently as 2 years ago laid off from Fords wirh no pension ziltch,nada
zero, this business just wasen't what it used to be.
any suggestions?

I'm going to suggest that you stay where you're at, if you really need the money. It's not just your field of work, It's across all fields, especially technical. I know too many folks out of work, that really need the money.

I am in IT and retired 2 years ago (to leave the bullshit), but I had planned on it for over 20 years. I did have some intentions of working at home part time, but the bottom fell out of this also especially after 9/11.

After 2 years, I could not go back as I have gotten used to this lifestyle and thankfully I don't have to.

A lot of these technical jobs are being exported overseas, and I don't think they are coming back. I believe that the U.S. is becoming more like the rest of the world - rather than the world becoming like America. Lots of poor folks. A very few wealthy and a shrinking middle class :'(
I still think there are some work at home jobs available!!
Your telling me that the economy is that bad that I can't find any part time work out of my house? C'mon now!!! I know that there are alot of scams but there has to be at least some opportunities?
I'm not saying that you cannot do it, it's just going to be difficult. If it was no problem, you would not have asked for opinions of this forum.

Good Luck, I'm just recommending that you don't quit your day job until you're sure that you can make it.
Thanx for the advice!! I wasn't planning on quitting just yet!! Just wanted to get alittle feedback!!
Hate to tell you, db, but you're in the wrong place. you want the `Part-time work at home ' board.

This is the early retirement board - for peeps like me who don't want to work (for a variety of reasons) anymore. While it's true that people who retire early from one job and take another (usually because they need the income) are technically ER'd, it's just NOT the same as `really' being retired!!!

Hey Jack,
Ther isan't any part time at home boards otherwise I would have sent a message to that area "Homeboy"!
I would love to be in that position that your in but I'm still rather young @ 41 & am looking at working out of my house if at all possible, then eventually I will retire someday-I just thought that there were someone or somebody who has done some small type of work @ home business! But from what I've seen on the internet these are all scams!!!!! I can/t stand getting up at 5:00AM every morning I'm sure you know the drill,
just tryin to get out of the ratrace "A" Homeboy!!!
I know a few people who are able to work from home. Some accomplish it by making themselves indispensable at the office, then they make an offer the employer can't refuse. If they're good enough, or if their departure would create huge problems, the employer may go along with it (always reluctantly). It may also involve some costs - like buying equipment needed to do the job. Furthermore, they must spend some time in the office - at least several hours per week. My wife and daughter were able to pull this off, and I've known a few others.

Self-employment is also an option, but few can pull it off.

So I agree with Cut-Throat; it can be done but it is difficult. If it weren't, everybody would be working at home.
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